"Luke is without a doubt the best dogwalker that our dog, Lorna has ever had. To see our rescue dog (who is normally cowering in a corner when a man enters the room) bound towards the front door as soon as the keys are in the lock and walk (well, strut is a better way of describing it!) out the house with Luke without a backward glance is nothing short of a miracle. We credit Luke in helping us rehabilitate our now wonderful dog and would recommend him to anyone. We don't know what we would do without
                                                                John, Hannah, Laurie and Lorna xx
"Luke Winchester has been walking and looking after our Wheaten, Gemma for three years now.
During the day or at weekends when we have been unable to walk her due to family or business,  commitments he has always stepped in, even at short notice, to save the day.
When we go abroad on holiday, we do not like her to be shut up in a kennel so Luke has taken her and she has spent her holidays with him.
He sends us photographs which have helped our young daughter as she hates leaving her dog behind and we know she is having a good walk, a swim or whatever he has chosen for that particular day.
Very reassuring . .
We always know she will be in good hands with Luke and she is in excellent condition when she comes back.
The really incredible part is that, whoever is coming to walk our dog on a given day, she always goes crazy if Luke is the person taking her – she barks excitedly long before he gets to the gate – uncanny.
We would recommend anyone to use Luke if they need boarding, walking or day care as he certainly has a way with dogs."
Greg Corbett and Gemma
"Luke has walked our two black Labradors over a period of four years. They are always delighted to see him after waiting behind our gate in the morning in high anticipation. They come back well exercised and ready for their food and a rest. He has also taken on our daughter's waywood and untrained lurcher with great success.
We have found him to be very reliable and wholly trustworthy with no qualms about him having access to the house and alarm code in our absence.
                                                                    Luke has a clear affinity with the dogs and
                                                                    we have no hesitation recommending
                                                                    John and Monica Hillen
"Luke has been walking our standard poodle, Tallulah for about two years.
I have always been impressed by Luke's calm, authoritative demeanour with Tallulah and, in turn, her unabated excitement in recognition of the doorbell ringing for her daily walk.
Luke is very professional, reliable, friendly and polite.  When in his care, whether for her walk or boarding, I have always felt confident that Tallulah is looked after and socialised extremely well.
                                                                     I would have no hesitation whatsoever in
                                                                     recommending Luke."
                                                                     Donna Goodsell and Tallulah
"Luke has become one of Zeb's best friends and Zeb's always excited when he hears him arrive, greeting Luke with wags and stand up hugs. Luke is always flexible, reliable and makes sure Zeb has a great time on his walks whatever the weather, keeping me posted on the fun they have and looking after him like his own."
Fay Johns and Zeb
"A more stubborn, loyal, obsessive and loving dog than Flossie it would be hard
to find, funny, fiercely guarding to boot! No push-over, a character of the
first order, extremely wary of most would-be walkers and minders. But in A
Bit of Ruff she's met her match and is totally devoted to them in return for
their patience, humour, firm kindness and total dependability. As are we! We
love and trust you. Thank you all."
                                                                    Angela, Alex (and Flossie) Bernstein
"My pug Groucho is witness to how good this service is. He is always pleased to see his walker (who's walking who?), tail wagging or wiggling in Groucho's case and playful looking forward to a usual afternoon adventure in one of London's main parks with his piers. On his return I'm always pleased to see him in the knowledge he has had a decent exercise. The evidence twenty minutes after his return; his ritual sleep, to the minute. Overall I'm happy with the service, always on time and they were also helpful with house training, in his early months .woof."
Nick Graham and Groucho
"‘A Bit of Ruff’ is the most friendly, honest and reliable dog service in London. I had an overweight lazy slightly depressed dog, but A Bit of Ruff helped me to change that. I now have a healthy, fit and happy dog. She loves nothing more than going out with other dogs and having fun I can’t recommend this Canine service enough"
Lucy Law and Badger