Our walks take place at some of the most idyllic locations London has to offer. A famous south west London park is a real favourite of both ours and more importantly the dogs. We also take smaller groups to mingle with some of the smartest dogs in town at Kensington Gardens. Another great Summer location for smaller groups is Wimbledon Common. The last location on our list is Hampstead Heath great for a wild afternoon ramble!
Here at A Bit Of Ruff we understand that it is a big decision to entrust the care of your pet to someone else.
That is why we follow our 10 'Golden Rules of Dog Walking' (listed below). We hope that reading these will help to reassure you that your dog is getting the best possible care, and is having as much fun as possible!
Our Golden Rules are:

1. We always collect your dog in a car (estate or 4x4 so there is lots of space), so we don't need to struggle down the street with a pack of dogs tangled up on leads.

2. We  usually walk 4 to 6 dogs at a time, to ensure a manageable group with plenty of attention for each dog.
3. We drive the group to one of the bigger parks (usually Hyde Park, Richmond,  Wimbledon and Hampstead Heath) and let them out well away from any roads.
4. We let them run off the lead for the entire walk (unless you would prefer us not to) so they have a great run around and lots of exercise.
5. We always cover 3-4 miles on each walk, so the dogs get a varied and stimulating environment to exercise in.
6. We always check that each new dog is fully socialised before we take it on, so we know that your dog will enjoy playing and interacting with the other dogs on the walk.
7. We always carry water in the car for the thirsty dogs at the end of the walk.
8. We will always deliver your dog back to your home after the walk.
9. If you are not home when we drop your dog off, we are happy to check their water, feed them and settle them down before we leave.
10. If your dog is staying overnight, they live in my house (which has a garden) and they are treated as if they were our own dog.
We are fully insured and vet accredited so you can get on with your day knowing that your dog is in safe hands. Just take a look at the testimonial page to see what our clients think!